• The Sacred Art of Grieving

    Join us on March 7 from 9:30am to 4:00pm for a day long program (including lunch) on the Sacred Art of Grieving with Lisa Irish author of “Grieving the Sacred Art ~ Hope in the Land of Lost”. Loss enters …

    Date: March 7th 2020 @9:30 AM
  • A Woman’s Way Unblocking and Unlocking Your Energy for Health and Happiness

    Learn from your body’s innate wisdom and access your healing abilities. Reduce anxiety and fear patterns. Regain feminine energy and stop feeling drained. Identify your hidden resources in areas you feel challenged. Pandora Peoples, a certified Chartered Herbalist, nutritional guide, …

    Date: March 29th 2018 @4:30 PM
  • Clearing and Clarifying Your Environment

    Everyone benefits from a peaceful, energetically clear habitat. A calm, serene environment is one we recharge in. A fun, creative atmosphere is nice to keep your life dynamic, but a home crystal clear home with good vibrations is one that …

    Date: August 21st 2013 @8:14 PM