Tennessee Williams Festival PTown

  • Arts Week for September 21, 2017

    Arts Week: 21 September 2017 Guests: Tennessee Williams Festival! Michael Kellerman, external relations Cem and Meltem, two well-established actors from Turkey who both perform in Antony & Cleopatra Abena, Ghanaian actress (who spent her childhood in New York City) appearing in …

    Date: September 20th 2017 @8:15 AM
  • From Cape Town to Cape Cod: Kingdom of Earth at the Provincetown Theater

    One of Tennessee Williams’ lesser-known plays, Kingdom of Earth is a powerful indictment of racism, classism, and a whole bunch of other -isms, while maintaining the playwright’s keen ability to stay just this side of caricature in his characters. And you …

    Date: September 23rd 2013 @11:22 AM