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  • Motherless Daughters on Mother’s Day

    Posted: May 16th 2014 @6:57 AM

      On Mother’s Day when we were kids, Dad would take us to a drugstore and buy hairbrushes, body lotion, athlete’s foot powder … you know, the sentimental stuff. He’d also pick up a Mother’s Day card and have us …

  • The Everyday Excellence Awards

    Posted: March 4th 2014 @11:44 PM

    Why do award shows mean so much to us? The Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild, the Grammys, the Oscars, it’s as if our world comes screeching to a halt once that red carpet rolls out. We sit awestruck, watching …

  • Women Roar, Even When They Cook

    Posted: January 29th 2014 @11:30 PM

        When I was 7, I thought I could rule the world. My mother, Harriet, had told me that we were from the tribe of Judah. How she knew this, thousands of years later, I don’t know; it’s amazing …

  • Merry Kitschmas to ALL

    Posted: December 23rd 2013 @10:18 AM

    I like to think of being Jewish as a marathon sport. I can dole out a soul-crushing guilt complex, shot-put-style, successfully match-make without meeting the intendeds and turn dinner for two into a fridge full of leftovers. I am Jewish …

  • Hurricane Sandy One Year Ago

    Posted: October 29th 2013 @9:18 AM

    hi dears this was my post on a year ago…seemed fitting to repost it here one year later these days thank god, i am warm and safe but never going to take a hot shower, a warm bed and …

  • Ode to Norma Holt

    Posted: October 5th 2013 @8:02 AM

    I met Norma many years ago when I rented the smallest apartment I’d ever stayed in. We are talking little! I once almost dis-located my shoulder trying to use the bathroom. But it had a view, wow what a view …

  • Today 12 years ago, September 11th

    Posted: September 11th 2013 @2:03 PM

    Hi everyone on this sad  anniversary as i watch the news footage at ground zero and think of where i was that terrible morning 12 years ago it is hard to smile but I feel maybe, maybe I am ready  …

  • The Journey or the Destination

    Posted: September 3rd 2013 @5:42 PM

    The Journey or the Destination Today I am feeling inspired by Diana Nyad. This 64-year-old babe has accomplished her more then 3 decade long dream, by finally on her 5th attempt, swimming from Cuba to Florida. We are talking about …

  • Birth of a Chef Part Two

    Posted: August 25th 2013 @1:55 PM

    Hey love bugs, hope you’ve been listening to “BIte This” Mondays at 12:45 and also the pod casts..

  • My first blog post on WOMR and the Birth of a Chef

    Posted: August 15th 2013 @4:48 PM

    Hey folks welcome to my blog on WOMR! Some of you listen to Bite This my weekly show on WOMR and WFMR and I’d like to say right now THANKS MUCHO! If you haven’t tuned in yet, it comes on …