• Joe Gouveia Outermost Poetry Contest

    Posted: November 19th 2021 @12:06 PM

    In honor of former Cape Cod Poet Laureate, Joe Gouveia, WOMR continues this annual tradition to celebrate the poetry community. Judge Marge Piercy will once again select the finalists for both the National and Regional categories. $1,000 will go to …

  • Bringing Back The Beat

    Posted: June 11th 2021 @4:04 PM

     LADAMA at Payomet  –  Saturday June 26 7pm Harnessing music from their countries of origin – Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and the United States – LADAMA uses traditional and non-traditional instruments with a modern twist. 

  • Fiesta de Musica!

    Posted: May 4th 2021 @10:23 AM

    Tickets on sale now!!!!

  • Awkward & Inappropriate

    Posted: December 3rd 2019 @8:04 AM
  • Awkward & Inappropriate

    Posted: November 16th 2019 @1:05 PM

    Tower Tee

  • Poetry Reading

    Posted: April 16th 2019 @7:21 AM
  • Festival Season

    Posted: September 17th 2018 @11:55 AM

      Brad Moore’s Film Series Returns

  • Arts Week Picks June 14

    Posted: June 14th 2018 @9:07 AM

    Arts Week 14 June 2018  guests: Michael Miller from ptownie Brenda Withers from Harbor Stage Company This is Arts Week, and I’m Jeannette de Beauvoir. If you’d like to keep up with what’s going on in town between installments of …

  • Catch everything going on May 17-24 on the arts beat!

    Posted: May 17th 2018 @6:42 AM

    special guest: Joshua Praegar, 20Summers Okay…thank you to Zap Mama for Allo, Allo…And allo to all of you listening out there, whether on the radio or streaming worldwide at WOMR.org. This is Arts Week, and I’m Jeannette de Beauvoir. If you’d like …

  • March is Women’s History Month

    Posted: March 4th 2018 @9:40 PM

    Click HERE to see the entire schedule of programs