Arts Week

  • Paul Wisotzky

    Posted: May 28th 2015 @7:20 AM

    He is himself a potter, but Paul Wisotzky doesn’t talk much about his own art. Instead, it’s the work of the other artists at his gallery—the Blue Gallery on Commercial Street in Provincetown—that captivates him. And it’s easy to see …

  • Zoe Lewis is in the house!

    Posted: January 22nd 2015 @10:14 AM

    Hello, gentle listeners, and tune in to Arts Week today, January 22nd, for an interview with the charming and talented Zoe Lewis. We’ll be talking about music, performances, feminism, travel, and more! 12:30 pm ET.

  • Ambiguity in the Darkness

    Posted: January 1st 2015 @6:30 PM

    There are many stories about what happened in France during the German Occupation—almost as many stories as there were people who lived them. For some, France was filled with resisters who sabotaged the Nazis at every turn. For others, it …

  • Here There Be Dragons

    Posted: December 14th 2014 @1:57 PM

    Matthew Reilly’s new thriller, The Great Zoo of China, has action. Lots of it. On every page. Of course, a lot of action does not necessarily a novel make, and when even the most exciting of sequences is repeated too …

  • Paint and Sip at Terra Luna

    Posted: July 5th 2014 @5:57 PM

    Love to paint? Never painted before? Somewhere between the two? No matter. There’s a seat for everyone at Terra Luna’s Thursday afternoon Paint and Sip. Under the expert guidance of artist Colin McGuire, wine and appetizers are consumed while pictures …

  • Freud’s Last Session Explores Gray Areas with Depth and Warmth

    Posted: June 25th 2014 @3:28 PM

    Good versus evil. Black versus white. Atheist versus believer. Playwright Mark St. Germaine sets us up in Freud’s Last Session (now at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis) to believe that we’re about to witness the extremes doing battle; what the audience …

  • One Man, Two Guvnors, Lots of Laughter

    Posted: June 24th 2014 @6:13 PM

    My fellow Frenchpeople’s obsession with Jerry Lewis notwithstanding, I’ve never been a big fan of slapstick humor: a little, in general, goes a very long way indeed. Imagine my surprise, then, when I found myself not just laughing out loud …

  • Adam Graham’s Provincetown Vision

    Posted: April 24th 2014 @2:12 PM

    Artist Adam Graham was my guest this week on Arts Week (check out the podcast of the show if you have time), and I was impressed not only with his work—which is flat-out gorgeous—but also with his passion and articulation …

  • From Whaling Capital to Whale Conservation

    Posted: April 11th 2014 @11:17 AM

    There’s a new exhibition at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum called Forgotten Port: Provincetown’s Whaling Heritage, and no matter whether you’re a native, a washashore, or a visitor, there’s something there for you. It details the story of how Provincetown …

  • Martin Sherman’s BENT at the Provincetown Theater

    Posted: March 17th 2014 @9:02 AM

    Michael Steers’ production of Bent at the Provincetown Theater takes its audience—irrespective of sexual preferences—to places that no one wants to go, and does so with refinement, dignity, and—occasionally—humor. Bent targets everyone: it questions the meaning of self, it examines how …