Dave Alexander

Dave Alexander crop2My connection to the Cape began when I lived in Boston. After one particularly fun vacation I decided not to go back! In the summer of 2000 I bought a house in Eastham which quickly became my “home”.

My connection to WOMR began soon after that. As a frequent listener I often heard the Siren’s call of “would you like to be a DJ” and decided to apply. After some patient mentoring I was on air at all times of the day & night. After a break to raise two kids I find myself back on WOMR and loving it. With wonderful people & music all around what could be better!

I have been hosting my show “Stuff” on and off since 2003. The goal of the show is to play good stuff for you! I prepare for a show my listening to a lot of music and writing down what I like. Next, I try and find out some interesting tidbits about the songs to sprinkle into the show. I like to think that I am doing the leg work so you can just listen to good “stuff”. I hope you agree!