Robert Johnson

Blackfish Creek In Exile
Alternate Wednesdays 9:30a-12:30p

Robert S Johnson grew up listening to FREE FORM RADIO (WBCN) and top 40 (WBZ) 

Blackfish Creek in Exile is definitely Free Form (although nothing wrong with a good pop group and their deep cuts – or even shallow ones). As a teen loved to follow Jimi Hendrix with Patsy Cline, then Cream and Cabaret. Lean heavily into Alt-Country, Americana, NOLA, Blues, with a heavy sprinkling of World and a soupçon of jazz but I will go anywhere. Drake and Sibelius, anyone? Emmylou Harris is his polestar. Neil Young bats cleanup. Free form metaphors are his specialty.

Robert was born and raised on the grounds of the Boston State Hospital which was founded in 1839 under the name “Boston Lunatic Hospital”. He returned to work on the locked wards for his gap year and for summers while in college. After five careers, he turned to photography fulltime in 2008.

He splits time between New York City and Wellfleet MA with his wife, Katherine, and their son, Asher, a 2018 graduate of Smith College. Can’t forget Opawl the rescue kitty!