Sheila House

Sheila House is a Masters Level Clinical Mental Health Counselor, licensed by  the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with over 25 years of experience as a  practicing clinician. She works year-round as an independent agent of the  Town of Harwich to support the mental health needs of Harwich Youth and  their families. In this role, she collaborates with the Monomoy Regional School  District, on wellness, prevention and mental health education and outreach.  She is the Board President of Behavioral Health Innovators, a non-profit that  is piloting an alternative peer group recovery program for Cape teens  struggling with substance use. 

Sheila previously served on the board of WOMR, as well as various  committees. In her former life, she worked in advertising and wrote for  alternative newsweeklies The Vanguard Press and Vermont Times, located in  Burlington, Vermont. She’s looking forward to jumping back on board the  WOMR train!!!