Anne Levine

anne_levineAnne’s first foray into broadcasting took place on the Internet in 1999 when she did an online show called “What’s Your Diagnosis?”

Anne quickly cultivated a following and put it in the back of her mind to one day do an on air comedy show. A decade later, Anne joined the crew at WOMR in Provincetown MA. The Anne Levine Show in which Anne explores politics, pop-culture, music, and other topics while fielding live phone calls and emails; has been running for over nine years. Her edgy Monday night shows are funny, smart and impassioned.

“I love radio and believe it is a primary source of common generational languages. These languages, along with radio, are dying out because we now digitally produce our own content and venues. We should work to maintain our links to the past while we speed forward. There is magic in that balance. Keep listening, I’ll keep talking.” Anne Levine

Tune in Mondays at midnight.

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