Clarke Doody

I was born in Albany NY and have a degree in Environmental Science from SUNY ESF in Syracuse, I also studied Communications as a minor at Syracuse S.I. Newhouse School and studied business at University of Limerick in Ireland through the Syracuse University Study abroad program. I completed an internship at WEQX out of Manchester, VT during my college years. In high school and in college I was always playing music in various bands and painting/sculpting. 

I moved to Cape Cod because family members were living in Eastham, and working at Castle Hill. My friend told me about the location next to Jo Mama’s, and Rick (owner of Jo Mama’s) said he’d move his coolers so I could build the studio below Trove Gallery.

Officially opening in 2019, Trove has become a success, and subsequently Checkpoint East Studios has started to follow in its wake.  In November of 2021 I launched Safe Harbor Records, a record label supporting Cape Cod musicians.  I am also currently in the process of finishing a documentary about MIAH Nate Johnson, which we hope to have completed by year end.  

I use the pen name D.E.M.P.S.E.Y for my artwork, writing and music.  It is an old family name but also it is an acronym:  Dedicate Every Moment Passionately, Satisfy Every Yearning.

My ultimate goal in life is to build community and collaborate at scale with diverse groups to start turning the tide against the accelerating destruction of our planet, culture and the working class.

Clarke joined the WOMR Board of Directors in 2022.