Ann Yelmokas McDermott

I love music. All kinds of music. Growing up my parents exposed me to everything from swing and big band, American Songbook, polkas (my 100% Lithuanian roots), jazz, musicals, and pop.  Plus, my years involved in marching band and symphony orchestra increased my appreciation of music played by large groups, as well as the skill of the individual instrumentalist.  In my home, you’ll always find music playing and, when the music plays, I can’t sit still – my body wants to move.

On each BAKER’S DOZEN show we’ll hear thirteen songs to highlight a featured artist, music style, or instrument.  WOMR listeners continue to offer great suggestions!  Drawing on my training as a research scientist, I enjoy delving into the literature to dig up interesting bits on the history, evolution, and impact of our feature.  I lean toward jazz, big band, and vocalists from traditional to contemporary, and love the Latin sounds, but consider all good music to be in the selection pool. 

The BAKER’S DOZEN – Every other TUESDAY 5:00 to 8:00 PM.  I hope you’ll join me for some sweet, happy music to put a smile on your face, stimulate your senses, and make your body want to move.

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