Phil Hailer

Phil Hailer is a Cape Cod resident, but was Boston born and bred and considers himself to be a passionate and eclectic musical child of the 1940s right through to the 2020s.  His show Mixed Bag reflects all of that, and then some. Whether it’s rock and roll, rhythm and blues, soul, gospel, folk, jazz, country, show tunes, world music or opera, one never knows what high octane blend of musical mayhem to expect from Phil’s playlist on any given show. It could be anything from Little Richard to Lizzo, or music from Bye Bye Birdie to Hamilton. As one Mixed Bag listener describes it, “It’s like being in a funky little dive bar where someone’s hijacked the jukebox and you can’t wait to hear what’s playing next.” According to Phil, all of this musical diversity is connected in a big way to help us ride on the roller coaster of life, and he loves to show you how and why on Mixed Bag.