Susan Blood

Susan BloodOpera Betty began when the newspaper for which Susan Blood had been a columnist went belly-up. The demise of the paper and Susan’s opera column are believed unrelated. Recently and unrelatedly, the demised paper’s managing editor was busted with $21k in drugs believed for distribution.

With the paper gone, Susan needed a place to write so she could justify her press pass. Opera Betty was born. In addition to the radio show which airs the second Sunday of each month at noon, Opera Betty is also a blog. It’s like a frat boy putting down his plastic cup long enough to write a column on fine wine.

Susan can’t understand why more people don’t like opera. Opera is really just like hockey, except instead of being on ice, the players are singing. They both play with blades. There’s often bloodshed. Opera singers just tend to have all their own teeth. What’s not to like?

Susan (Opera Betty) was raised on opera, had an early-teen conversion to indie alt/punk and now suffers from a multiple personality disorder. Given the choice between tickets to the Met and tickets to Bonnaroo, Susan’s head would explode.

She reviews art and entertainment for a few newspapers and is a regular columnist at The Magazine of Yoga. She also writes Trout Towers.