Hank & Andy

hankandandyHank Janowsky and Andy Rahorcsak are your happy hosts for “Stirred, Not Shaken – Friday Afternoon Jazz”, bringing you three hours of music designed to “stir” your heart and soul. Heard regularly on the middle two – and sometimes three – Friday afternoons each month, they will help you unwind as you enter the weekend with their blend of classic and contemporary jazz.

Washashores Hank & Andy bring you jazz they’ve experienced first-hand from Blues Alley in Washington DC to the Montreal International Jazz Festival and beyond. You’ll always find some nugget-of-knowledge in their “Featured Artist Spotlight”. Discover an overlooked gem in their “Back-To-Back” segment, where they play two very different versions of the same jazz composition. They especially love to bring their listeners the very best in female jazz vocalists, including new discoveries, and are honored to be a part of the WOMR DJ family.

Friday 1-4 PM