Bob Weiser

bob-weiserBOB WEISER hosts “The Old Songs’ Home” every Monday morning at 9:30 AM

Folk and acoustic, traditional and contemporary, new songs about old subjects and old songs about current matters, singer-songwriters and anon all in the mix.

You’ll hear new releases by folks you’ve never heard of, old chestnuts from the greats, spiced with a touch of bluegrass, Celtic, Cajun, blues, and ethnic music. Songs about real people and their lives, labor and work songs, protest music, and comic relief are all included.

Bob brings his several lifetimes of experiences to the show- labor activist and metal worker, school teacher and salesman, cab driver and chef, father, farmers’ market and food coop organizer, etc.

Bob produced close to 1000 musical events- folk, bluegrass, Celtic, festivals and more- before moving to the Cape. He’s hosted folk music programs at WBRS 100.1 FM in Waltham, and the late lamented WADN (Walden 1120 AM) in Concord.

Bob has been with WOMR since 2001, and fills the void left by the late Jack Cullen, long the host of Monday Folk music at WOMR.