Tony Pierson

Tony Pierson, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Tony retired in 2015 from senior management with Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers where he was responsible for Cornerstone’s portfolio management team managing real estate assets held on behalf of major pension plan clients. Following in the footsteps of Mick Jagger, Tony went to the London School of Economics (note: Tony stayed three years, Mick six weeks, although Mick was more successful!). He was a Board member and President of the National Council of Real Estate Fiduciaries, a Homer Hoyt Fellow, a Real Estate Research Institute Fellow, as well as a past Board member of the Real Estate Finance Association, and the MIT Center for Real Estate. Tony, mainly because of his British accent, was a popular keynote speaker on economics at industry conferences.

Currently Tony lives in Orleans, serving on the WOMR board since 2016, cataloging his British stamp collection, playing tennis, watching lots of cricket, trying to build his first model train layout, being a Nauset Neighbor volunteer, and generally enjoying not working. As he has done for 23 years, he listens to WOMR all the time and is honoured and proud to help the station in any way he can.

Tony is a British citizen, so not responsible for crazy US politics, and has lived in the States, either MA or CT, for 38 years. He has been married to the delightful Karen for 38 years and has two daughters, Katie and Rosemary (both now WOMR members and making Dad proud).