Global Groove

Every other Friday 5-7pm
starting December 9


DJ Pablo spent his youth dancing to Mbalax in Senegalese beer gardens, boating up the Boca Manu in the Amazon, stranding his zodiac at the Praia carnivale on the Cape Verdean island of Santiago, wandering the barren karst landscape of the Burren, feasting on fried grasshoppers in Oaxaca, hitchhiking back and forth to Quebec and selling Vietnamese Goi Cuon at the Cambridge River Fest before ultimately washing ashore in Wellfleet. 

From all this wandering he developed a far ranging taste in music which he shares with listeners on the Global Groove: on any given show you’ll hear Jungle Cumbia from 1970s Peru, Malian desert blues, Garifuna tunes from Belize, Moroccan trance, Congolese Soukous, Cape Verdean Morna and all kinds of other groovy music.